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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Mevolution

    Andrew, Ken, and PA talk about Sunday’s sermon and get to the current societal regression, humility, and the meaning of love. Visit to donate. ...


  2. Foolish Slaves

    Sunday’s text led Andrew, Albert, and Ken to discuss various topics with regard to the Gospel:Pastors as slaves,complementarianism vs. egalitarianism,dangers of mixing theological categories,hermeneutics,tattoos, cigarettes, near beer, and COVID vaccines,lone wolf Christianity,godly diversity,text-driven change,conjuring spirits, andabandoning the sinking ship named Earth. ...


  3. Perseverance of the Saints

    Special Episode: Andrew and Ken talk about the Perseverance of the Saints. ...


  4. Fire Insurance

    On Sunday, Albert preached on 1 John 5:13. Today, Andrew, Albert, and P.A. talk about the heart behind the sermon and dig into the application. Fire insurance is not salvation. ...


  5. Priesthood and Manhood

    Join Andrew, Ken, and P.A. as they talk about the sermon from Sunday. What is the priesthood of the believer? Why do we need men of God? ...