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  1. The Lordship Hypocrisy

    What if God required restitution for the millennia-long sin of humanity? If we can’t even give God the Lord’s Day, what makes us think we have given Him any other part of our lives? Is our confession lip service only? Considering Sunday’s sermon from Isaiah 53, Andrew, Albert, PA, and ...


  2. Good Friday

    Today, Andrew and Matt talk about the crucifixion. Why is it good that people killed Jesus? Why did Jesus quote Psalm 22, which was by David and about David? How could people kill God, anyway? ...


  3. Maundy Thursday

    On Maundy (or Commandment) Thursday, Jesus gave His disciples a new command–to love one another like He had loved them. The Gospel is not the gospel of racialization, restitution, or entitlement like we are now popularly hearing. It is a Gospel of self-sacrifice, service, and unconditional forgiveness. Self-sacrifice is the ...


  4. Spy Wednesday

    On Wednesday, Jesus talked with the Father about all the work He had accomplished and would continue to do. He does not desire His people be removed from the world but, instead, to see His kingdom expand on the earth until its full consummation. ...


  5. Holy Tuesday

    Bible prophecy!!! Today, Andrew, Kati, Ken, Cathy, and Darby talk about Sunday’s sermon, Holy Tuesday, and Secret Women Stuff. Because the worldly means of peace and justice are not working, there are fresh ears to hear the Gospel of real peace and justice. The crew discusses the present kingdom of Jesus ...