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  1. I'm Offended

    Today, Albert, Ken, and Andrew talk about Mastering Sin, Backslidden Christians, Should Christians Ever Sue, If you are forgiven much you forgive much. donate at ...


  2. The Guarded Table

    This week, Andrew, Albert, and Ken talk about: Ether (yep, the cryptocurrency)Closed CommunionChurch DisciplineThe misuse of that verse about two or three witnesses being gatheredChurch Hopping“Everyone is welcome” as a mantra for many local churchesDiscriminationSystemic RacismNeglecting the Assembly of Believers Why not simply attend church? Why is it better to be a ...


  3. A Watch With No Hands

    Today, Andrew, Albert, and PA talk about the sermon presented on Sunday and get at the following subjects: Fruit of the Spirit vs. Free GraceThe Christian’s humility in conversationListening in prayerThe power of healingLiving in the MomentTemptation and Porneia Visit to donate. ...


  4. The Fullest Life

    Join Andrew, Albert, Ken, and PA as they think about Sunday’s sermon and how it applies to all of life and ministry. What does it mean that the kingdom consists in power, is effective, and causes those who are truly in Christ to live fulfilled lives? How do those in ...


  5. Humiliation of Humanity

    “Scripture is sufficient, we are not.”In this episode, Andrew, Albert, Ken, and PA talk about the need for Christian community, the local church, correcting brothers and sisters in Christ, religious burdens of the world, restoring elders and pastors, the sufficiency of Scripture, the new imperial cults, separation of church ...