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  1. Planting a Church

    Today, Ken and Andrew talk about what it means to plant a church according to the New Testament. They share their vision for Douglas Reformed. ...


  2. Covenant Community

    Today, Ken and Andrew talk about covenant community and its differences from what church membership has become. Visit to give and for more information. ...


  3. Appointing Elders, Loving the Brethren

    In this crossover episode of Blacktop Pulpit and Secret Women Stuff, Ken, Cathy, Kati, and Andrew talk about the importance of appointing elders in every church, elder plurality, church membership, forgiveness, offense, and dealing with sin. Visit to donate. ...


  4. Married and Single

    Today, Ken and Andrew talk about the sermon from Sunday and ask: What about marriage in the resurrection?Does the text encourage people to be both single and married?What is marriage?What about divorce? Visit to donate. ...


  5. Microwaves

    Crossover BP and SWS episode!!! Today, Ken, Cathy, Kati, and Andrew talk about:Microwaves and Ovens,Marriage to sin or Christ,Is all sin really equal? andTeaching children about sex in church. Donate at ...