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  1. Advent 01: No King but Christ

    Andrew and Ken talk about Ken’s sermon from Sunday. Join us for this advent series, a celebration of Christ’s kingdom at hand. Join us for our Christmas Eve Church service. Music, preaching, food. RSVP at ...


  2. Communion with Whom?

    Ken and Andrew talk about the sermon from Sunday, Drinking with demons, and talk about what it means to have communion with Christ and why Paul admonishes the local church not to commune with demons. ...


  3. Experiential Religion

    Christianity is not designed to “work out for us.” Join Ken and Andrew as they talk about this week’s sermon. ...


  4. When the Saints Go Marching In

    Ken and Andrew talk about the sermon from Sunday. What does it mean for Christians to live in the world but not of it? ...


  5. Strengthening Consciences

    Today, Ken and Andrew talk about the sermon from Sunday–and about not leaving weak brothers and sisters in the faith weak. ...